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To provide faster, reliable and accurate information to all users by connecting all sellers and buyers and make them local to global.

Corporate Information is an online advertising portal which provides information to users. We committed to provide quality information, services to our users in all sectors. This is possible only when people come in right contact as there is a saying, “Right Time!!! Right Place!!! And Right Things!!! .“, are combined key areas of success.

My is a multipurpose information providing website for this city. Barabanki has very glamorous past that stands it on the top district of Uttar Pradesh India. Here you can find information about Education, Doctors, Electronics, Hotels, Tution-Coachings, Hospitals, Mobile Telecom, Restaurants ,Computers Institutes, Software Company, Medical, World Class Jewelers, Beauty Parlors, Book Sellers, Fitness Zym, Clothes Shop Merchants, Real-estate dealers, Gift galleries, Furniture, Taxi, Pets, Animals, Travel Agencies, Marriage Lawns, House for rents, world famous handloom, caters, consultancies, Advocates, world famous farmers, Skilled Young and dynamic people, Press Reporters, Politicians and many more.






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